12 Jun 2022

I’ve sold my house; what is the next step? – What are the stages of a house sale?

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Deciding to sell your home is a big decision that takes time. Once this decision is made, you can focus on the next steps. The first stage in selling a home is to stage the house. It is important to deeply clean your home and keep it clean while guests and interested buyers look through it.

There are professional real estate agents and home stagers that can help by bringing in furniture and additional accessories. Then, place your home on the market. There are plenty of online tools where Australian homebuyers can view and choose homes to see in person. You can set a rate by having an expert access the value of your property.

Once a value is set, you need to wait for offers. It does not take long for offers to come rolling in, especially in this housing market. Looking through the offers, you can choose one that is the best by using a professional. Once you choose an offer, after getting a home appraisal and negotiating offers, you can sign the title over to the new owner. Expect the payment to come through within 1-4 business days.

Stages of a House Sale Conclusion

Once the stages of a house sale are complete, you should be left with money! Looking to purchase a new home and need a competitive and yet affordable home loan? Our Mortgage House experts are ready to assist!

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