08 Oct 2022

Is SMSF Property Investment Worth It?

SMSF Property Investment

Individuals researching the various factors of becoming a member of a self-managed super fund may wonder if SMSF property investments are worth it. Well, a member of SMSF has a larger variety of property investments to choose from and depending on personal financial goals for retirement, property investments can be worth it!

SMSF are great options for individuals looking to take control of their retirement savings by managing their investment asset purchases. SMSF investments are required to generate a returned income that is eventually allocated among the SMSF member’s retirement savings. SMSF can be accessed once a member meets retirement age. 

SMSF loans can be used to help members purchase their desired investment assets, including the following options:

  • Commercial and residential properties
  • Managed funds
  • Cash and bonds
  • Non-related businesses
  • International and Australian shares
  • Overseas investments
  • Term deposits
  • Cryptocurrencies

SMSF needs to be created and managed properly due to members being completely liable for any legal or financial troubles incurred due to improper management and creation. For these reasons, it is highly recommended to speak with a lending specialist or mortgage broker with SMSF experience before making any big decisions.

The following lenders currently offer SMSF services in Australia:

  • Mortgage House
  • Switzer Financial
  • La Trobe Financial
  • Reduce Home Loans
  • Liberty Financial

At Mortgage House, our professional lending specialists are experienced in SMSF and equipped with the knowledge required to successfully help individuals with super fund creation, management, investment opportunities, and financial planning for retirement.

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