10 Feb 2022

Is It Easier to Qualify for a Second Home Loan?

Qualify for a Second Home

Homebuyers who qualify for a mortgage receive a stamp of financial approval from the lender. This puts newly-minted homeowners in a good financial position. Thereafter, the homeowner must keep up with their monthly repayments. If a homeowner maintains or improves their financial position, it is easier to qualify for a second home loan.

Lenders take a look at the homeowner’s finances. They ensure that they continue keeping up with their mortgage monthly repayments. Plus, they check that a mortgage for a second property doesn’t put too much stress on their finances. Several ways to maneuver a home loan for a second home purchase exist. For example, the homeowner can leverage their home equity as collateral for the second mortgage.

In addition, if the homeowner plans to use the second home as an investment property, lenders consider the intended property use.

Mortgage House finances second home purchases for an array of clients such as investors and owner-occupiers. We understand that some parents purchase homes for their children. In other cases, they want to use the second property as a vacation home. 

Our loan specialists have the tools to assess applications efficiently. Plus, Mortgage House offers an array of home loan products that fit most financial positions and goals.

Check out our online home loan calculator with no strings attached.

Qualify for a Second Home Conclusion

In many cases, it is easier to qualify for a second home mortgage. To start the process, apply at Mortgage House. Then, our loan specialists will evaluate the application and provide some options. Contact our team today.

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