17 Feb 2022

Is It Cheaper to Live in a Tiny House?

Cost to Live in a Tiny House

As housing prices and rents continue to rise in Australia, the public is searching for alternative housing options. One option is the tiny home. It is cheaper to live in a tiny house. Industry insiders have found that it’s still a cost-effective option when the individual purchases the land.

Tiny homes run between $11,000 to $85,000. Another way to look at the price tag is by square metre, which ranges between $3,000 to $5,000. Data shows that median land prices stood at $22,000 per hectare in 2019. Put together, a tiny home and land cost less than renting or purchasing a single-family home.

Thereafter, the savings continue. The average size of a tiny house is 7.2 m. This is far smaller than the average Australian home. With less space, utility bills, cleaning costs, and insurance fees drop too.

A tiny home is an opportunity to save on rent and homeowner costs. Thus, it’s a great time to save for homeownership.  In addition, the housing option is an asset that you own. Thus, it falls into the plus column for you. 

Individuals searching for tiny house financing options should know that Mortgage House can provide them. Our loan specialists will explore your goals and current financial situation. Then, they can provide viable mortgage choice solutions for the purchase.

Cost to Live in a Tiny House Conclusion

It is cheaper to live in a tiny house. Individuals interested in financing this housing option can contact Mortgage House. Our loan specialists will discuss your options with you.

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