15 Jan 2022

Is Dual Occupancy a Good Investment?

A dual occupancy property includes two free-standing properties on the same title. The practice got its start in Melbourne in 1981. The goal was to optimise land, infrastructure, and public services. All Australian properties have dual occupancy properties in 2022. Owner-occupiers own several of them. Investors own the rest.

Any property that has a tenant is a good investment, especially if it remains in good condition. The investment becomes a liability when it requires constant repairs. If the neighborhood where it lives goes sideways, it can keep responsible tenants away from it too.

Oversaturation is also another concern that lenders bring up when financing these properties. 

The nice thing about dual occupancy properties is that it’s possible to split them up into their own title too.

Investors interested in investing in a dual occupancy property can contact Mortgage House and discuss financing options. We offer interest-only loan products that keep overhead costs low for a period. 

For owner-occupiers, we also offer fixed-rate and variable-rate loan products. Our loan specialists take a look at the buyer’s financial circumstances and goals. Then, they can gather a package of financing options with competitive home loan rates.

Dual Occupancy as an Investment Property Conclusion

A dual occupancy property is a good investment. It’s always a good idea to explore the neighborhood and market before diving in. However, savvy investors can find tenants for their properties in all market conditions. If you require financing, contact Mortgage House. Our loan specialists work with investors and help them find competitive financing. 

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