24 Jun 2022

Is Direct Debit linked to a card or account?

Direct Debit Card vs Account

Direct debits are payments made to a merchant from a user. The user, though, has to verify and give permission to the merchant to use their banking details to process the payment. Usually, these companies charge monthly or fortnightly for a subscription. But, how does the payment work?

All merchants are different; that being said, most of the time, Direct Debit is made with bank account information. When you sign up for a direct debit, they do not ask for debit or credit card information. Instead, these verification and permission forms are interested in banking details like an account number and the sort code. This is how the payment is set up.

If you want to pay with your card, it is best to save the card as a one-time payment or automatic payment, but not a direct debit. However, using a card instead of your bank can make it more expensive. Some merchants charge a fee for using a card instead of your bank. It is understandable to want to pay using both methods since there is a delay in how long the money takes to leave your account.

Direct Debit Card vs Account Conclusion

Direct debit systems are convenient. However, they do have some restrictions. You can only pay using your account number and sort code, not with a debit or credit card. Looking for a personal, business, or commercial loan? Our Mortgage House experts are ready to assist!

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