27 Dec 2021

Is 30 Years Old Too Old to Buy a House?

As home prices continue to increase, Australians are finding that it’s more challenging to become a homeowner. This trend has existed for several years. The path toward older first-time home buyers started long before the public health situation exacerbated the trend.

If you wonder if 30 is too old to buy a house, rest assured that it’s not. The average age is 31 to 33. Some individuals made the choice to rent and put off homeownership in the Australian housing market on purpose. They preferred to live an urban lifestyle in city centres. 

Others found themselves in this situation. They attempted to save for the down payment and build their work history, but home prices continued to increase.

The good news is that a market correction will take place. Home prices will stabilise and become affordable again. In the meantime, an individual can prepare themselves for homeownership by continuing to save and build their credit history. 

Keep in mind that all market conditions provide opportunities. The trick is to remain in a position to pounce on them. If you undergo the mortgage application process and receive a pre-approval letter, you gain leverage over others. 

For example, check out our calculator online for free and no strings attached. 

Too Old to Buy a House Conclusion

In Australia, 30 is no longer too old to buy a house; it has become the new normal. Mortgage House offers first-time homebuyers several online tools to make the process easier. Our loan specialists are also at your disposal. Contact our team today.

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