11 Jan 2023

Increase Your Investor Customer Base with Our Smart Loan Solutions, and Clever Solutions for Investment Gearing, Helping Your Customers Increase Their Investment Portfolio

Smart Loan

What Are the Benefits of Joining a Well-known & Established Mortgage Company? 

One of the many benefits of joining a well-known and established mortgage company, such as Mortgage House, is gaining access to clever solutions for loans and investment gearing, allowing you to help your customers increase their investment portfolios. 

Mortgage House accredited branches and partners have access to our smart loan and investment gearing solutions. We offer a wide variety of loan solutions, including the following examples:

Our investment loan solutions come along with various benefits for both customers and accredited branches. 

Benefits for Branches

  • Offer greater borrowing capacity to your customers
  • Clever solutions for investment gearing
  • Assist your customers with increasing their investment portfolios

Benefits for Customers

  • Ability to access larger borrowing capacity for multiple properties
  • Increased serviceability through greater rental considerations
  • Easy access to portfolio-friendly considerations
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