24 Oct 2021

Inbuilt Credit History Search

There are a lot of steps a lender has to take before approving your home loan application. One of these steps is running a check on your credit history. At Mortgage House, we offer a number of ways to streamline the application process. One of our most popular ways is our online application feature with an inbuilt credit history search function. 

Once you fill out your online application, the information is automatically synced with our proprietary software and loan tools and runs an automatic check on your credit history. This not only streamlines the application process, but it can help speed up your loan approval. 

Once our software runs a check on your credit history, it will start to compare product offerings and start to narrow down suitable options for your situation. We can even pre-qualify you in some situations, allowing you to get a jump start on your home search. 

After your entire application is processed using our software, and it provides a list of the best loan options for you, our lending specialists will perform a manual review of both your application and the list of product offerings to ensure your home loan matches your needs and financial situation. 

There are many benefits to filling out our online mortgage application. For one, our software streamlines the process, offers a built-in credit history search function, and syncs with all its different components. All of these components work together to make it easier for our lending specialists to quickly and accurately evaluate your application and find the perfect home loan solution for you. 

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