29 Apr 2022

I Just Started a New Job, Can I Apply for a Mortgage?

Relocation Home Loan

If you just started a new job and want to obtain a mortgage, whether you can or not depends on your current financial situation. For example, some homeowners must relocate for their job. Sometimes they find a new opportunity that’s worth their while. Thus, they decide that making the move is a smart idea. However, you can’t leave the home and current mortgage easily. Homeowners in this situation benefit from obtaining a Mortgage House relocation home loan. The loan product helps bridge your finances so that you can sell your current home. Plus, you can purchase a new one at the same time.

Individuals who have started a new job and have not applied for a mortgage before can still apply for the first time. Lenders run an extensive financial background check during the application process. They want to ensure that the home buyer can repay the home loan in full and on time. If you bring a 20% deposit and full financial documentation to the table, lenders have little reason to turn down your application. Those who have a stellar credit score improve their case. 

Those who have blemishes on their credit reports and low financial documentation might struggle a little bit to obtain a mortgage. However, it’s not impossible. 

One way to prepare for the process is to use our online calculators. We also offer our Mortgage House car loan calculator for free and with no strings attached. 

Relocation Home Loan Conclusion

Homeowners who have started a new job in a different location can apply for a Mortgage House relocation home loan. To explore your options, contact our loan specialists today.

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