20 Feb 2022

How To Obtain an Application Fee Waiver

Application Fee Waiver

The home buying process involves some negotiating. Homebuyers negotiate with property sellers and lenders. No official application fee waiver form exists. Instead, you request a waiver from the lender. Those who make it past the pre-approval stage find themselves in a favorable position. 

Lenders put fees in place to ensure that homebuyers committed to the process stick to it. Obtaining a mortgage can take four weeks to three months. Plus, the homebuyer must provide several financial documents. In some cases, they must provide the most recent bank statement and payslip. 

Mortgage House works with an array of clients including first-time homebuyers and investors. As the application moves forward, property buyers can request a fee waiver. Another option is to apply for the no-fee home loan offered by Mortgage House. 

Purchasing a home is a great opportunity to sharpen your negotiating skills. Asking for the waiver is part and parcel of the process. Mortgage House also offers innovative home loan products with built-in promotions. A lower interest rate for the first five years may make up for the upfront fees. Thus, repayments for the first few years become a balancing act.

Rest assured that Mortgage House provides other innovative solutions. In addition, our clients receive access to other products including our business loan.

Application Fee Waiver Conclusion

To obtain an application fee waiver, negotiate with the lender. Mortgage House is open to working with clients on several loan details. Our loan specialists have proprietary tools that help them evaluate applications and find solutions efficiently. Contact our team today.

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