18 May 2022

How To Budget For a New Home

budget for a new home

Homebuyers must organize their finances when they want to finance their home purchase. Lenders run a thorough financial background check to ensure that applicants can repay their mortgages. Therefore, homebuyers benefit from establishing a budget for a new home.

Professionals point out that the first step is to understand how much home you can afford. The general rule is to budget 28% of your current income toward the repayments. To establish a budget and a cushion, set aside 33% toward your monthly repayments. Then, figure out if you can comfortably afford the rest of your financial responsibilities. 

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Next, set aside another 1% to 4% for repairs, maintenance, property taxes, and insurance costs. Your goal is to determine if you can still afford the home. 

If you find that you cannot afford your mortgage, examine your current financial responsibilities. Those who have a high credit card and revolving credit line balances can improve their financial position by paying them down first. Having credit is good for the homebuyer. However, do not max them out. Moreover, responsibly use them. Establishing a credit history is important for obtaining mortgages. 

Therefore, our final tip involves homebuyers examining their debt. Once homebuyers become clients of Mortgage House, we can help you consolidate debt with a personal loan.

Budget for a New Home Conclusion

To budget for a new home, homebuyers benefit from looking at several factors. For additional guidance, contact our Mortgage House lending specialists today.

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