04 Jan 2023

How to Become a Mortgage House Branch Manager

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There are plenty of advantages associated with becoming a Mortgage House branch manager, including access to proprietary tools and the ability to process and approve more mortgage applications while saving time and resources. Mortgage lenders who are interested in becoming a Mortgage House branch manager should follow the following steps to learn more. 

Pre-Register Your Interest Now to Become an Accredited Branch with Mortgage House

To become a Mortgage House branch manager, mortgage providers will first need to pre-register their interest to become an accredited branch with us. Our pre-registration form is available on our website and requires some information to be input, such as the status of the applicant’s ACL holding and their average loan size.  

Fill Out Your Application and Provide Documentation to Become Accredited

Next, potential branch managers will need to fill out their applications and provide certain documentation to become accredited. Accreditation is accessible to all Australian branches, including branches lacking an affiliated aggregator. Mortgage lenders who are interested have the potential of becoming an authorized credit representative of Mortgage House. Reach out to us today to learn more. 

Begin Offering Your Customers Our Award-Winning Niche Products with Faster Approvals

Once our applicants have successfully achieved accreditation and received approval to become an accredited branch with Mortgage House, they will be able to begin offering their customers our award-winning niche loan products with access to faster loan application approvals. 

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