03 Dec 2021

How To Apply for NDIS in Australia

The Australian government provides several programs that help its citizens. Among them is the National Disability Insurance Scheme. The program provides aid to Australians who have a severe disability. The condition prevents them from completing daily activities.

Under NDIS, individuals receive a set amount of funds to help them carry on with their lives. Individuals between the ages of seven to 65 qualify if they have Australian residency of citizenship. Plus they require support to complete daily activities and medical devices.

Individuals who qualify make their plan next. You’ll meet with a representative to discuss your plan. It’s important to prepare beforehand. The representative wants to know your goals. They also want to know how you plan to achieve them. 

Keep in mind that each state distributes NDIS funding. Thus they have their set of rules that applicants must follow. For example, if you live in Queensland, you’ll find the local office that accepts applications and processes them. 

On the NDIS website, applicants can find a list of offices across Australia. Parents who apply for their children will follow a different process. The parent applies on behalf of their child. 

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NDIS Conclusion

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