11 Nov 2021

How much does it cost to switch mortgage providers? – Online Switching

Homeowners can save money and time by switching mortgage providers, also known as refinancing. The options are endless when it comes to online switching as lenders provide options to flawlessly switch online. Homeowners can choose to switch mortgage providers to a loan business or a bank. However, there are hidden costs that may appear when switching mortgage providers.

Lenders’ Mortgage Insurance

One cost that can completely catch homeowners by surprise is lenders’ mortgage insurance (LMI). This insurance can add up and cost homeowners a lot of money, depending on the amount they need to be financed. If a homeowner owes over 80% of their original loan, they may need to pay thousands of dollars in Lenders’ Mortgage Insurance. Every homeowner, however, is in a different situation.

Fixed-Rate Loan’s Break Costs

Depending on the contract, homeowners may also need to pay break costs for fixed-rate loans. Some fixed-rate mortgage loans require a ‘break cost’, which would be paid even if a homeowner switches between lenders. These costs occur when a mortgage is fully paid through a company. The mortgage lender requires them because homeowners and mortgage lenders entered an agreement for a fixed amount of years. The exact costs each homeowner pays depend on what is written in the contract, the home value of their home, and the refinancing rate, but can start from $1,000 and continue to rise. 

Application Fees

Not only are homeowners responsible for any fees from the previous lender, but when switching mortgage providers, there are application fees that must be paid in full. The average cost of these fees rarely exceeds $500, but the amount ultimately depends on the company’s rules and regulations. 

Truthfully, the best way to find the costs of switching to a different mortgage provider is by giving them a call or using an online calculator for an estimate.

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