22 Aug 2022

How Much Deposit Do I Need For a $250,000 House?

Budget Hacks to Help you Save for a House Deposit in 2019

Calculating deposit percentages and choosing the best option for potential buyers’ independent financial needs can be difficult and stressful for buyers to navigate on their own with no outside assistance. Our professionals at Mortgage House are experienced in assisting buyers with all aspects of the home buying process and are dedicated to ensuring client satisfaction.

The deposit needed to purchase a $250,000 house varies on individual lenders’ policies, but generally, 5%-20% of an individual home’s purchase price is needed for a deposit. A buyer with a deposit of less than 20% will need to pay for Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI) which protects a lender from situations that involve borrowers not paying scheduled loan payments and foreclosure. A buyer with a deposit of 20% or more will be exempt from paying for LMI. 

For more helpful information about borrowing for mortgages, this article is a great resource that we urge all potential buyers to learn about. If you are a potential buyer who is interested in learning more about placing a successful deposit on a house within your budget, Mortgage House has countless tools to assist potential buyers plan and budgeting to purchase a new home. 

Deposit Conclusion

The deposit needed to purchase a $250,000 house generally needs to be 5%-20% of a home’s purchase price. For more information and assistance, potential buyers can contact us at Mortgage House for personalized support or apply for a loan online.

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