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20 Feb 2022

How Long Is the Application Fee Waiver Process?

Application Fee Waiver Process

In most cases, a mortgage application fee waiver form does not exist. The lender makes the waiving of fees official and places the agreement in the packet. But lenders skip a form. The application fee waiver process takes minutes, days, or weeks. It simply depends on the process that the lender follows.

Mortgage House is a non-bank lender. When we opened our doors in 1986, we sought to bring innovation to the lending market. To help minimise the upfront fees homebuyers face, we offer a few options.

For example, homebuyers can apply for the Mortgage House no-fee home loan. Another option is to roll the fees into the mortgage. 

As an innovator, we provide home loans that have built-in promotions. The first few years can carry a fixed-rate or lower rate. Thus, the homebuyer receives more affordable mortgage repayments. It puts them in a position to improve their finances. Becoming a homeowner involves more than lenders’ fees. Individuals must pack, move, and obtain insurance. We understand that homebuyers must tighten their financial belts during this process. Therefore, our loan specialists search for products and loan terms that suit most financial situations. 

We also offer several online tools to individuals for free. Check out our mortgage repayment calculator with no strings attached. 

Application Fee Waiver Process Conclusion

Some lenders complete the application fee waiver process in a few minutes. Others wait until they complete the entire process. Mortgage House loan specialists will walk homebuyers through their options. Contact our team today.

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