20 Apr 2022

How Long Does It Take to Fix Bad Credit for a Mortgage?

Fix Bad Credit

Lenders prefer to issue mortgages to homebuyers who have credit scores hovering over 700 and above. However, they will consider homebuyers who have credit scores of 500 or above too. Individuals who have bad credit can take steps to improve. When you fix bad credit, it takes time. Late payments, defaults, and collections take seven years to fall off a credit report.

Thus, a credit report will reflect it. However, while you wait for the negative marks to fall off, you can counterbalance them with good marks. For example, on-time payments account for 35% of a credit score. If you pay your bills on time going forward, it raises your credit score a few points.

When lenders examine your financial documentation, they will see negative marks on your credit report. However, they will consider the gravity of the mark. Plus, they take a look at when it occurred. If it’s recent, it will raise concern. If you show that you learned or the bad mark was only a one-time occurrence, lenders factor it into their decisions. 

Fixing bad credit takes time and it reaps several benefits. Good credit helps homebuyers obtain favourable mortgage terms. It also helps car buyers obtain favourable loan terms too. Check out our Mortgage House car loan options online with no strings attached.

Fix Bad Credit Conclusion

Individuals benefit from taking steps to fix bad credit reports. As you fix your credit, homebuyers can apply for a Mortgage House bad credit home loan. Contact our loan specialists to start the process today.

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