19 Apr 2022

How Long Does It Take to Clear My Credit History for a Mortgage?

Clear My Credit History and Mortgages

Most Australians have credit scores above 700. The older population averages a credit score of 757 while the younger generation averages a score of 700. Averages do take into account that the lower scores can fall to 500 for some. Thus, some Australians realise that they need to clear their credit history. 

It takes seven years for late payments, defaults, and collections notes to fall off a credit report. As you wait for those negative items to fall off the report, practice solid personal finance habits. The last thing you want to do is to start the clock over. One way to look at it is to remember that the last negative item takes seven years to fall off. You may have cleared accounts that went into collections; if you miss a payment, the action lowers your credit. On-time payments account for 35% of a person’s credit score. Thus, paying your bills on time is more important. It’s also an easy step to improve your score. 

One way to understand your financial position is to explore our Mortgage House mortgage repayment calculator. It’s free and available to you online with no strings attached. 

Clear My Credit History and Mortgages Conclusion

To clear my credit history of late payments, defaults, and collections, individuals must wait seven years. However, homebuyers can take steps to improve their report daily. Those who had blemishes on their credit history can apply for a Mortgage House bad credit home loan. Contact our loan specialists to obtain more information.

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