23 Jun 2022

How long does a Direct Debit last for?

Direct Debit Lasting Time

A direct debit payment technically does not end unless there is a specified period in the contract or form that was signed. Some companies will shut down a direct debit payment if it has been inactive for over 13 months without contact and debt.

The length of a direct debit payment system does get confusing if there is a debt still owed on the account. This functional payment system, though, can also be cancelled and ended with a phone call to your bank or the company that has control over the direct debit payment.

Usually, though, direct debits don’t stop because they are monthly and occur on a subscription. If you have a subscription, this means that the pay is month to month. You can stop it at any time, and they use a direct debit payment for free, making it easier to automatically pay bills for a user.

It does not matter how long you want your direct debit payment to last. If you shut down or close the payment amount, this can cause problems since the company will try to continue charging an account that does not exist. If you do cancel a direct debit, make sure that both the bank and the company know.

Direct Debit Lasting Time Conclusion

Direct debit payments are not forever. However, there are ways to cancel and stop them. When an account is inactive, for example, this can cause the system to delete the account as well as the direct debit agreement.

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