08 Jul 2022

How is the commitment fee calculated?

Mortgage Lenders Charge a Fee

There are a lot of fees when it comes to loans. It is important to speak directly with a mortgage lender that directly gives concrete information about how much the total amount of fees are and when they are due. Interestingly, an often forgotten fee is the commitment fee. This commitment fee is calculated by the amount of your loan, not just what you have paid for on loan.

The fee is typically due as soon as the papers are signed and are charged directly to the line of credit or loan. Usually, this type of fee is added to personal loans and ranges between 1 to 6% of the total borrowed amount. 

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Commitment Fee Conclusion

Overall, when you try to calculate your commitment fee on a loan, make sure to first look at the terms and agreements. In the signed paperwork, there should be a clear percentage or the direct amount due at the beginning of your loan. Once the loan hits your account, a charge should be added for the commitment fee.

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