29 Dec 2021

How Does a Toggle Offset Account Help Me Save Money on My Home Loan?

Some homebuyers don’t qualify for the conventional mortgage. They qualify for other home loan products. Their goal is to get their foot into the homeownership door. Once the individual becomes a homeowner, they have a host of tools available to them that improves their financial positions.

The toggle offset account is one.

A homebuyer who didn’t place a 20% deposit, can’t provide full financial documentation, or has blemishes on their credit report qualifies for mortgages with higher home interest rates. 

Once they settle into their home and establish a positive repayment history, they can start using other tools.

The toggle offset account doesn’t freeze funds in it. Instead, it lowers the principal amount by the amount in the account. When the principal amount falls, the interest rate charge does too. This equals nice monthly savings. 

For example, an individual who places $50,000 in the toggle account lowers their outstanding principal amount by $50,000. This means that you pay interest on $450,000 instead of $500,000. It lowers the monthly repayment home loan interest rates charge accordingly. 

The toggle feature works with variable and fixed-rate mortgages. Plus, the homeowner can continue depositing funds into the account. The more they deposit, the lower their outstanding principal amount goes. Since the account doesn’t lock the funds, they can withdraw them in an emergency. 

Toggle Offset Account Conclusion

A toggle offset account is a tool that Mortgage House offers to homeowners. It’s one way homeowners can save on their monthly repayments. To obtain more information, contact our loan specialists. 

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