05 Jan 2022

How Do You Create a Budget to Buy a Home?

When you decide to purchase a home, you must fix your finances. Creating a budget allows you to see the true picture of your current financial situation. Even homebuyers who reside in the higher income brackets must figure out how much income they have leftover after expenses. Some individuals spend as much as they make. This puts them in a precarious financial situation in terms of obtaining a home.

To create a budget to purchase a home, begin with the 28% rule. Your monthly repayment should not exceed 28% of your monthly gross income. Once you know what 28% of your income is, the rest falls into place. 

After subtracting this amount, check the amount leftover. Ideally, it covers your expenses including bills, living expenses, and fun money.

Next, take a look at your savings. To qualify for a conventional mortgage, it’s best to put down a 20% deposit. If you do not have it, there are other home loans to consider.

Lenders use buffering to evaluate a homebuyer’s finances. They add 3% to the potential loan terms and put the applicant’s finances through a stress test. Your goal is to pass the buffering ratio, obtain a home loan that doesn’t exceed 28% of your gross income, and allow you to keep up with your other financial responsibilities. 

Create a Budget to Buy a Home Conclusion

To help you create a budget to buy a home, Mortgage House offers several online tools with no strings attached including our car loan calculator. Then contact our loan specialist team to start the application process.

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