19 Jun 2022

How do I stop a Direct Debit?

Stopping a Direct Debit

When stopping a direct debit payment, there is not a lot you can do! Thankfully, it is easy to resolve; however, you should always read your terms and agreements before trying to stop a direct debit payment.

For instance, some companies have other terms that do not allow you to stop your direct debit payment unless the terms are satisfied. Usually, you will need to double-check that there is no debt from the company waiting to be paid. When signing up for trials and subscriptions that are over a year-long, there are also terms that can take away or provide users with discounts by using a direct debit payment.

To stop your direct debit payment, call the service first! While it is tempting to get in touch with your bank, it is likely they will send you to the company that has the authorisation. You will need to take away their permission to use and charge your account. 

However, if it is hard to get in contact with the company or you were charged after cancelling the direct debit service, contact your bank! 

Stopping a Direct Debit Conclusion

Mortgage House lenders know how frustrating it is to have to call and stop a direct debit. There are many reasons to stall and stop this type of payment. Regardless of the reason, the process should be smooth, quick, and effortless. If you have any questions or concerns when cancelling a direct debit payment, call one of our experts!

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