21 Jun 2022

How do I set up a Direct Debit for my company?

Company Direct Debit

Setting up a direct debit for your company has never been easier! All you need to do is find a company that you want to set up payments with. Once you find a good fit for you and your needs, you can move on to the more interesting part, setting it up and inviting customers to the service!

Set up does not take long, but you need key pieces of information. For example, it is important to have your company’s name, ID, and other registered information for verification purposes. Also, the account where the money will be deposited is necessary.

When inviting your clients or customers to pay using a direct debit system, it really only takes a few minutes! Once you send a link directly to your customers, regardless if it is through email or phone, they can fill out the request form. If it is verified and processed accordingly, a plan will be set between you and your customers for a direct debit system.

The most important part of a direct debit system is that it does not work if both sides do not allow the payment. On the request form that your customers need to fill out, there is a section that gives permission.

Company Direct Debit Conclusion

All in all, direct debit payment systems are relatively easy to set up for small businesses. Some companies, though, do charge a monthly fee to use the program, although it is usually a small amount. Mortgage House experts are knowledgeable on this topic and ready to answer questions!

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