21 Nov 2021

How Do I Refinance My Mortgage in Australia?

When you refinance a mortgage, you can do it with your original lender. You can also opt to move your loan to a new one. Mortgage House works with existing clients and new ones. 

Those who refinance their home loan with Mortgage House will go through three steps. We outline them for you here.

Financial Health Check

The refinancing process requires less paperwork. However, loan specialists need to ensure that the mortgage is in good standing. Sometimes homeowners refinance to avoid financial peril. Other times they already fell behind at least one repayment.

Mortgage House seeks to understand the client’s current financial situation. It’s possible to save money by consolidating debt. Or pay the home loan off sooner with a lower interest rate.

Receive a Pre-Approval

After reviewing the client’s goals and financial situation, our loan specialists match the best products and loan terms. For example, the homeowner might benefit from a split home loan. We also offer variable, fixed-rate, and toggle offset loans.

Each has its own set of benefits. Some homeowners prefer the predictability of the fixed interest rate. Others can manage the variable rates.

Save or Upgrade

After our loan specialists provide potential new loan terms, it’s up to the client to decide if they want to move ahead. Mortgage House helps homeowners save money, consolidate debt, and find financing for a home upgrade when they refinance home loans.

Refinance a Mortgage Conclusion

Mortgage House understands that homeowners want to obtain the best loan terms possible. Opting to refinance a mortgage accomplishes that goal. To start the application process, contact our loan specialists.

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