15 May 2022

How Do I Pick the Best Mortgage for 2022?

Best Mortgage for 2022

Several options exist for the best mortgage for 2022. The trick is to understand your current financial circumstances and apply for the most appropriate option. Homebuyers who can provide full financial documentation, a 20% deposit, and have a stellar credit score benefit from applying for the conventional mortgage. Those who cannot provide full financial documentation but can provide a 20% deposit help their cause by applying for the Mortgage House low doc loan.

Mortgage House offers several mortgage options that qualify among the best options for 2022. For example, we offer the: 

  • Advantage Essentials Low Rate Home Loan 60
  • Affordable First Home Buyer Special
  • Advantage Standard Home Loan 80
  • Advantage 1 Year Fixed Special

Each mortgage has a specific purpose. In addition to working with home buyers, we also provide attractive products for investors. You’ll enjoy products such as:

  • Advantage Wealth Builder Investor Special
  • Advantage Investment Home Loan 60

Our goal is to provide a mortgage or home loan for most financial circumstances and situations. Therefore, more than one Mortgage House product qualifies as the best. 

Moreover, once you become a Mortgage House client, you receive access to additional products such as our business loan. You also receive introductory offers, discounted rates, and access to our lending specialists who have knowledge that provides outstanding guidance. 

Best Mortgage for 2022 Conclusion

The best mortgage for 2022 depends on the homebuyer. Those who qualify for the conventional mortgage will receive the most favourable terms. However, small business owners, those with bad credit, and first-time homebuyers can achieve their homeownership goals too. Contact our Mortgage House lending specialists to find out more.

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