20 May 2022

How Do I Obtain a Low-Interest Rate on a Personal Loan?

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The average interest rate for personal loans in Australia is 14.41%. When it comes to loan products, a hierarchy exists. The most secure debt product remains mortgages for single-family home purchases. Then, personal loans have better interest rates than credit cards. Individuals hoping to secure a low-interest rate can explore their options with Mortgage House.

Mortgage House is a non-bank lender that opened its doors in 1986. We focus on loan products. In addition, we offer competitive rates and products to an array of clients. Since we don’t service savings deposits and accounts, we have more freedom to issue loans to homebuyers with blemishes on their credit reports. We also help small business owners become homeowners through our low doc mortgages.

Our clients receive access to our entire loan product line. Plus, they receive competitive interest rates on our personal loans. Therefore, our Mortgage House clients can obtain low-interest rates on personal loans since we service their mortgages. Current homeowners can become Mortgage House clients if they refinance home loan with us. 

Mortgage House lending specialists have access to our proprietary tools that allow them to evaluate all loan applications efficiently. Then, they can find the best loan terms for most clients including competitive interest rates. Explore your options with our team online or in-person. 

Personal Loan Low-Interest Rate Options Conclusion

Personal loans have higher interest rates than mortgages and lower than credit cards. To obtain a low-interest rate on personal loans, contact our Mortgage House lending specialists to discuss the possibilities.

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