13 Sep 2022

How Do I Get the Lowest Mortgage Rate?

Lowest Rates for Mortgages

Potential homeowners researching various home loans and mortgage rates may want to learn how to get the lowest mortgage rate that is best suited for their financial situations. There are a few ways to go about getting the lowest mortgage rates, but keep in mind that the lowest mortgage rates do not always indicate the cheapest home loan. Lenders and mortgage brokers have their own fees that can increase the amount you pay on a home loan. 

To get the lowest mortgage rate, complete the following recommendations:

  • Receive quotes from up to 5 lenders for comparison
  • If possible, raise your credit score as much as your finances allow
  • Save for a bigger deposit

You can also try to negotiate mortgage rates with the lender supplying your home loan, but this is not a guaranteed way to get the lowest mortgage rates available to you. Online loan comparison tools can allow you to easily compare countless mortgage rates and select the lowest. Understanding your current financial status, standing debts, desired loan amount, and repayment timeline allows you to properly compare rates and lenders to decide on the best option based on your personal financial goals. 

At Mortgage House, our lending specialists can help potential buyers compare and identify available mortgage rates, plan for financial goals, and successfully complete the application and home buying processes. Take a look at our free Mortgage Borrowing Calculator to easily check your borrowing capacity and get an idea of what your loan repayments will look like.

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