31 Jul 2022

How do bank rates work?

Bank Rates Work

Bank rates are an interesting concept in Australia. They are interest rates that banks use to compete‌, after hours. Interest rates never stay the same and they differ depending on a person’s credit score, report, income to debt ratio, and other key factors.

To determine a bank rate, banks use the Reserve bank which establishes a maximum or minimum cash rate target. During overnight bank loans between other banks, the cash rate target is determined and then added to the interest rate for the following day.

Interest rates and bank rates are closely related. If you are looking to take out a loan soon, don’t be afraid to shop around. While it is tempting to use your banking institute for the loan since you already have services with them, they may not offer the best interest rates or values.

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Bank Rates Work Conclusion

Overall, bank rates are hard to understand, but they surprisingly have a huge affect of interest rates. If you are looking for competitive and low interest rates for loans, look on our Mortgage House website for a comparison! We value transparency and would love to speak with you soon.

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