30 Jan 2022

How Can I Speed Up My Home Loan Process?

Home Loan Process

The home loan process takes between four weeks to six months to complete. Lenders must assess all applications thoroughly. When they evaluate your payslips and bank statements, they search for patterns. That’s why it’s important to remain financially stable during the months leading up to a home purchase and during the process.

Gathering all of your financial documents before applying is the first step to speeding up the process. Every time a loan specialist contacts a homebuyer to request missing paperwork, it adds time to the clock. 

Mortgage House offers several online tools that benefit our clients. For example, our mortgage repayment calculator helps you see how your potential loan terms change based on your income and expenses. When homebuyers understand how their spending habits impact their loan terms, it allows them time to make changes. For example, paying off debt before applying makes a homebuyer a more attractive mortgage candidate.

Homebuyers can also apply for a pre-approval. This is a great way to test the waters. If you understand how lenders assess your finances, you can make adjustments. It’s an opportunity to receive meaningful feedback. Your goal is to obtain the most competitive loan terms. Lender feedback is one way to accomplish that feat. In addition, you help speed up the process. 

Speed Up Home Loan Process Conclusion

A homebuyer can employ several tactics to speed up the home loan process. Prepping before applying is a great way to get the ball rolling. Speaking with our Mortgage House loan specialists is another way to get a head start. Contact our team today.

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