24 Apr 2022

How Can I Make My Repayments to My Mortgage House Home Loan?

Mortgage House

Mortgage House opened its doors in 1986. Since then, we have remained an innovator in the lending market. We have stayed on top of the technology and digital tools that make evaluating loan applications more efficient. Moreover, we have proprietary tools that help our loan specialists provide viable solutions to most applicants. 

We also provide several online tools for our clients and those interested in obtaining loans through us. Our tools include online calculators such as our mortgage choice; it’s free and has no strings attached. 

In addition, we help homeowners make my mortgage repayments easy too. The traditional way to pay a mortgage is through the mail. If you wish to mail your payment, ensure that our loan specialists give you the information. Automatic payments remain the most preferred way to send repayments. Our team takes your bank information when you receive your welcome packet. You sign the authorisation and our team sets it up. 

All mortgage payments take place on the first of the month unless you request weekly or fortnightly repayments. 

Another way to repay your Mortgage House home loan is through our online portal. When you visit our website, navigate to the account creation page. Select LoanPal and follow the login instructions. If you need help with this feature, contact our customer service team. 

Make My Mortgage Repayments to Mortgage House Conclusion

To make my mortgage repayments to Mortgage House, you have a few options. If you have other questions, contact our loan specialists or customer service team.

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