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07 Sep 2022

How Can I Get Set Up as a Mortgage Manager?

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To get set up as a professional mortgage manager in Australia, you must meet the minimum education requirement, become a credit license holder representative and hold that position for two years, then decide to obtain your own license or stay at your current position. 

Mortgage managers generally work independently and are a highly sought-after position. A person interested in making a career change to a mortgage manager will need to have a clean criminal record, clean standing with your bank, and clear credit history. Occasional minor exceptions can be made to this rule depending on the individual. 

The minimum education requirement to become a mortgage manager is a Certificate IV in Finance and Mortgage Broking. You will also need to complete the following tasks:

  • EDR membership application
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance application
  • Obtain your personalized Australian Business Number
  • Complete the origination agreement paperwork

There are countless advantages to having a career as a mortgage manager, including an outstanding work-life balance, not needing a university degree, and having the opportunity to assist your community with their house-buying goals. 

If you have already completed the requirements and are now looking to accelerate your career as a mortgage manager, contact us at Mortgage House to inquire about any available positions. We have been an award-winning lending specialist since 1986 and are always looking to grow our team. 


In conclusion, mortgage managers are highly sought after in Australia to fill available positions, generally work independently, and have specific personal and educational requirements to become a mortgage manager successfully

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