31 Oct 2021

How Can I Become Wealthy Buying Property?

We all want to become wealthy. Did you know that it is possible to become wealthy by buying property? It may take a while, but if done correctly, you can create various income streams that generate wealth with very little time or effort once you get the process started. Here are some steps to follow if you want to use property to accumulate wealth. 

Using Property to Gain Wealth

The first step to leveraging property to gain wealth is by buying a home to live in. As you live in the home and start to pay off the mortgage, you start to generate equity in your home. Once enough equity is generated, you can refinance your mortgage to access the equity. You can then use this equity to purchase an investment property. Once you purchase an investment property, you can start to generate rental income, creating an additional income stream. Most investors put most of this rental income towards increasing their savings and super. 

You can repeat this process several times by purchasing several investment properties. The more rental properties you have, the more income streams you have, and the faster you accumulate wealth. It is important to remember two things: purchasing a cheaper property helps you accumulate wealth faster because you can pay off the mortgage sooner, and the more properties you have, the more bills you have to repay so you don’t default on your loans. 

At Mortgage House, we offer several loans and financial products that allow you to accumulate wealth by investing in property. Contact us today to learn more. 

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