05 Jun 2022

Holder of an Australian Credit Licence (ACL)

Credit Licence

It is an honour for Mortgage House to hold an Australian Credit Licence (ACL). This licence takes time to achieve and requires plenty of classes and other requirements. It also shows our community how serious we are about learning and growing in the credit and financial world. 

Being a holder of an ACL means that we have obligations to the law. We are required to lend responsibly and set up at least yearly meetings about our compliance with the laws and regulations set by the ACIS.

As experts in the industry, Mortgage House has been excelling in the lender world for over thirty years. Since its beginning, Mortgage House has increased revenue and become self-sufficient. Only twenty years after the first doors opened to this non-bank lender, 30 storefronts opened in popular and booming areas. 

Since this is a serious business and Mortgage House is constantly looking to improve and learn, we also have an Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL) to do business as necessary. Our Mortgage House experts are true specialists as well and continuously improve their skills by going to meetings, training, and webinars.

Australian Credit Licence Conclusion

Although Mortgage House has grown into a large non-bank lender known throughout Australia, this does not mean that the learning stops there. To continue doing lending business that has to do with credit, we hold an Australian credit licence as well as an Australian financial services licence. Ready to consult one of our Mortgage House experts on a potential loan? Contact us today!

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