06 Jun 2022

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With pride and happiness, we help Australians throughout the land achieve their financial goals. The doors of Mortgage House swung open in 1986, and since then, the company has only continued to grow and expand. In 1986, the company was only just starting, and still, there was no storefront. Instead, a small starter team operated in homes primarily using a phone as their form of communication.

Of course, Mortgage House only continues to grow after that year. Actually, before the early 2000s, Mortgage House was overseeing over 30+ physical stores. As of now, we have our own funded program, which gives us the flexibility to fund more loans within our communities.

Homeownership is a dream for many, which is what we want to highlight with our lending program. Australians should have the ability to borrow an affordable loan and buy their dream home. Our expert specialists, since the beginning, have been helping dreams come true by providing valuable insights, help, and additional support during the home loan process. With over 100 business rewards in only thirty years, it is understandable why so many Australians flock to use Mortgage House as their non-bank lender.

Mortgage House History Conclusion

The history of Mortgage House is a proud one! From the beginning, this company has excelled and helped thousands of Australians achieve their homeownership dreams by offering competitive rates on loans. The doors to the first Mortgage House opened in 1986, and now, there are over 30 storefronts throughout the country.

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