12 Mar 2022

Fixed-Rate Home Loans And Comparison Rate: What You Need to Know

Fixed-Rate Home Loan

The fixed-rate home loan has several caveats. For example, the homeowner cannot refinance it without incurring break costs. Lenders enter into contracts with wholesalers for fixed-rate mortgages. Thus, if the borrower breaks their contract, the lender must break theirs too. 

In addition, the fixed-rate portion might expire before the end of the mortgage. 

Borrowing to become a homeowner has a lot of responsibility. Homebuyers must understand the details of their mortgage. One way to understand the amount that you’ll pay in its entirety is to look at the comparison rate. The comparison rate includes the fees associated with any mortgage. 

You’ll notice that the comparison rate for fixed-rate mortgages is higher than the rates for the variable rate versions. If the fixed-rate expires before the end of the loan, the interest rate jumps to the standard variable rate. Often, this right is higher. In many cases, the fixed-rate expires at the 25-year mark even though the loan has a length of 30 years. 

Mortgage House understands that homebuyers trust their lenders. They do not expect to encounter surprises, especially 25 years into the home loan. Our loan specialists outline the terms of the home loan. We also offer several online resources for free. They help homebuyers make the best mortgage choice for their financial circumstances.

Fixed-Rate Home Loan and Comparison Rate Conclusion

Mortgage House issues competitive loan rates for the fixed-rate home loan. To explore your options, contact our loan specialists. They will outline the terms available to you.

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