26 Mar 2022

First-Time Investor: What Home Loan Product Do I Pick from My Trusted Mortgage Provider

A first-time investor learns the ropes on the fly. You learn about the best properties to obtain for your portfolio, where to find them, and how to finance them. Mortgage House remains a non-bank lender that works with an array of property investors including first-time. 

Your first investment property loan depends on the shape of your finances. If you bring a 20% deposit, three months of payslips, and bank statements, you might qualify for a conventional mortgage. Some investors move quickly on their investors. For example, the purchase the property, renovate it and find a tenant before the first repayment arrives. Others take more time to make a move on the property. For example, experienced investors have a comfort level in taking on an interest-only home loan. This option keeps their repayments low for the first five to 10 years of the mortgage. Since they will find a tenant for the property long before the interest-only period expires, they don’t pay the increased repayment amount.

Other mortgage choice loan options include:

  • Advantage Wealth-Builder Investor Special
  • Advantage 2 Years Fixed Investment
  • Advantage 4 Years Fixed Investment

A first-time investor can start small. As their comfort level increases, you can move into more complicated investment deals and financing. 

Mortgage House remains an innovator in the lending industry. Thus, our loan specialists have a high comfort level working with property investors of all experience backgrounds. Our team can help you find the optimal financing options.

First-Time Investor Mortgages Conclusion

A first-time investor learns how to navigate this venture by diving in. To make it successful, you require optimal financing terms. Contact the loan specialists at Mortgage House to explore your options.

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