06 Jun 2022

Faster approvals


Waiting around for approval or a denial letter can feel like torture, especially as you make large financial decisions that require thinking and extra planning. Since this is the case, it is best to expect and hope for fast approvals. 

Clients at Mortgage House can expect faster approvals with their lending applications and the expertise of the brokers working in the in-house locations. These customer support specialists can provide valuable information so that there is a higher chance of approval at a quicker turnaround rate. Lenders need to know that the client makes enough money and can also pay the initial amount, including any interest.

Since this is the case, additional documentation is needed to approve the lending application. Before you talk to a representative at Mortgage House, it is good to have all the information available and in your hands. As long as you know your annual income, income to debt ratio, and monthly expenses, you should be able to apply for quick application approval.

There are also specialised programs that give clients the opportunity to borrow money from a private lender at higher rates. However, the higher the rate, the higher chance a lending application will be approved quickly. Always weigh the cons and the pros before making a decision on your fast approval.

Faster Approvals Conclusion

Overall, it would be great to have a faster approval time for loans. Larger loans, such as one for a home, are important and almost completely necessary to achieve goals. To make the approval faster, it is best to have all the paperwork ready to officially send.

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