27 Mar 2022

Experienced Property Investor: What Home Loan Product Do I Pick from My Trusted Mortgage Provider

Experienced Property Investor

The experienced property investor has applied and obtained several home loan products to build a portfolio. When opportunities present themselves, Mortgage House knows that you want to capitalise on them. Our loan specialists have access to proprietary tools that allow them to evaluate financial circumstances and competitive loan terms. They take into account the profitability of building a new multi-unit structure, renovating a home, and purchasing vacant land to build on. 

Mortgage House partners with beginning and experienced investors. We also partner with homeowners who seek to purchase a second property. Our loan terms compete with those offered by banks. Plus, we fund projects that banks shy away from in several situations. As a non-bank lender, we operate under different regulations from banks. 

Since we do not service savings accounts or receive deposits, we do not have daily liquidity requirements. Instead, we work with our financial investors to optimise our lending. In turn, we fund projects that have the potential to render significant profits.

Potential loan products that investors might enjoy from Mortgage House include:

  • Interest-only home loan
  • Advantage 1-Year Fixed Investment
  • Advantage Investment Home Loan 90+ Special 

Keep in mind that our team does practice some conservative lending practices. However, through our proprietary tools, we can find opportunities and terms that balance reward and risk. As innovators in the lending industry since 1986, we understand investors who seek to find opportunities where others cannot see it too. 

Plus, once you become a Mortgage House client, you receive access to our other products including our business loan.

Experienced Property Investor Conclusion

As an experienced property investor, our loan specialists at Mortgage House understand your expectations. We help you grow your portfolio through our products and competitive loan terms. Contact our team today.

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