21 Jan 2022

Do You Need Two Years of Taxes to Buy a House?

Taxes to Buy a House

Although banks and lender companies do like to see a minimum of two years of taxes to buy a house, it is not always necessary! The paperwork can give you a better chance of lowering your rates and giving you options, but it is not necessary for applying for a mortgage.

For individuals who do not have a minimum of two years of taxes, they can still buy a house if they provide specific paperwork. The specific paperwork or proof of income is listed below.

Bank Statements

A lot of people may have savings and other forms of income that they cannot reflect on their taxes. Savings is an important part of buying a home. Lenders and banks want to know that you have enough funds to put down on a home and for settlement costs.

Banks and lender companies will look at bank statements carefully if you do not have a minimum of two years of taxes to review.

Recommendations From Past Employers or Landlords

Lenders and bankers also want to know if you are responsible and pay your bills on time. This is why a lot of lenders and banks will run your credit score to make sure that it is high enough for their standards.

However, you can also provide them with recommendations from past employers or landlords. These individuals have the power and proof. They are valid sources. It is important to keep in mind that not all companies or banks take these recommendations.

Job Acceptance Letter

If you have just begun a new job with a pay increase, you can also provide this letter as proof that you have enough money and will have enough in the future. The paper does have to be official and signed by a supervisor, though.


In conclusion, it is possible to buy a home with less than two years of taxes, but the process is longer. You will need to prove to companies that you are responsible and have the funds to buy your home and pay them back monthly.

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