27 Nov 2021

Do You Get Any Money Back If Your House Is Repossessed?

Over 30 years, homeowners experience financial ups and downs. In the best-case scenario, the homeowner has savings. They put enough away to get them through the episode. Sometimes hardships last longer. Losing a job, a death in the family, and a natural disaster create the perfect financial storm for some.

If your house is repossessed, you do not receive any money back.

The lender begins by checking in with the homeowner. When you miss your repayment due date, your account falls into arrears. If it continues in arrears for two or three months, the lender has the right to petition the court. 

Next, the homeowner receives the notice. During this phase, remain proactive. Open your mail and answer phone calls from your lender. Before repossession of the home begins, you have time to prevent it. For example, some homeowners qualify for a refinance. This allows you to remain in your home.

Others sell the home. The proceeds pay the outstanding mortgage amount. It also allows them to keep their credit history in good condition. To prevent this situation, understand home loan interest rates and loans. 

If the lender takes possession of the house, they ask the homeowner to vacate. The lender sells the home and attempts to cover its losses. 

House Is Repossessed Conclusion

In Australia, a lender can have a home repossessed when the homeowner fails to repay the loan. If your house is repossessed, you do not receive any money. Instead, the lender can aim for your remaining assets to cover outstanding costs.

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