09 Aug 2022

Do you get any money back if your house is repossessed?

Money and House Repossession

Times are tough, and anything can happen. It is easy to miss a repayment monthly or fortnightly. However, even though you can accidentally miss a repayment, do not make this a regular thing. If you cannot continuously repay your loan as agreed to by the terms, the bank can repossess your house and your items to get the money back. Since you have signed a legally binding document, they can take this contract to court. 

Although it is not a good thing to hope for, you should always prepare. Sadly, no matter what the reason for the house being repossessed, you will not receive your money back. The payments you made on your home and alone will go down the drain and instead stay with your mortgage lender. Your home becomes collateral and full property of the lender so they can earn their money back. This is done because sometimes the property loses value but the loan is higher than what the house is worth. 

When you miss a repayment date, the bank does not automatically take your home away from you. Instead, a letter shows up to let you know that you have missed a repayment and it will tell you exactly how much you owe. Repay on time or contact your mortgage lender or ask for additional help as there are programs that can assist you. When you have a large financial burden, you can sometimes freeze repayments until your financial situation gets better. 

Usually, this is only temporary. If you are struggling to repay your loan, it is beneficial to speak with a mortgage lender as there are options. If your credit score has increased and you are eligible, you can try to refinance your mortgage loan for a lower interest rate to decrease the repayments.

Money and House Repossession Conclusion

In conclusion, you should never hope that a bank will repossess your home, but plan for it just in case. Anything can happen including the death of a family member or a financial crisis and loss of a job. It is not the end of the world if your house is repossessed, but you will not receive any money back. Thankfully, you can always rebuild your credit score and trust in another lender or bank.

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