07 Apr 2022

Do You Continue Paying the Property Tax After Paying Off Your Home?

Property Tax

Homeownership has several responsibilities. If you finance the purchase, the lender expects you to repay it in full and on time. As a homeowner, you maintain the property too. You invest in its infrastructure and furnishings. Then, you also pay the property tax on it. Two different entities collect property taxes and home loan repayments. Your lender handles your repayments. The local municipality collects the property taxes.

The property tax depends on the value of the home. It receives a reevaluation in regular increments. Thus, it can go up and down.

Once you pay off your mortgage, your property tax bill will continue arriving. The property taxes have nothing to do with the mortgage. If you fail to pay your property taxes, you can lose your home even though you paid off your mortgage.

Thus, homeowners must keep up with those payments too.

Mortgage House is a non-bank lender that works with an array of homebuyers. We finance property purchases for first-time, second homes, and investors. Our team also takes into account that some homebuyers cannot provide full financial documentation or a 20% deposit. 

Our loan specialists can discuss your fees and taxes after receiving approval for a mortgage. Then, they can guide you in terms of sending property taxes and other fees to the correct government entity. 

Property Tax Conclusion

After you pay off your mortgage, you continue your property tax. The two live in separate categories under separate authorities. To explore your mortgage choice options, contact our loan specialists at Mortgage House.

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