25 Jun 2022

Do direct debits come out automatically?

Direct Debits Good

Direct debits are a great way to never worry about paying your bills on time! This special payment type is significant because the money comes out directly from your account automatically on a schedule. The schedule, though, depends and varies depending on the contract and your preferences.

Some merchants set up direct debits for subscriptions that require monthly, fortnightly, or weekly payments. The exact amount for each payment period also varies but is automatically withdrawn from your account.

You won’t be lost, though, with this payment! Usually, companies will send a paper or email copy of the automatic payment, especially if it changes. You can also change the schedule of your direct debit online or by contacting the merchant directly. As everything moves digitally, though, you can conveniently make changes online.

Sometimes though, there are rules and regulations stating how many times you can change a direct debits automatic date. Mortgage House knows how important it is for payments to go through on time, which is why we offer all of our clients the option to repay their loans on a schedule using automatic payments.

Automatic Direct Debits Conclusion

Automatic payments are convenient. You don’t have to think about them! However, always make sure there is enough money in your account. If not, you can be overdrawn as direct debits charge an account regardless if they have enough funds. Mortgage House sends reminders for repayments, which can help you stay on track each month!

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