14 Jan 2022

Do 40-Year Mortgages Exist?

The most common loan term is 30 years. It makes sense because homebuyers would purchase their home and live in it past paying it off. In many cases, homeowners passed down the property to the next generation. Now moving has become so common that some loans include a portable feature.

The frequency in movement is one reason why the 40-year mortgage has become rarer. They’re available but lenders save them for homebuyers with extenuating circumstances. In addition, the mortgage is reserved for homeowners who experience financial hardship. 

Homeowners who need to skip a repayment, add it to the end of the mortgage. If they request a forbearance period, they extend the life of the home loan too. Lenders don’t rush to foreclose on their clients. Instead, they work to find solutions. When a homeowner struggles to repay their mortgage, extending it makes their repayments smaller. The catch is that the home loan becomes more expensive. 

In some cases, the additional cost works because the homeowner remains in their house.

Several ways to approach a mortgage choice exist. A homebuyer who requires a longer loan term can explore the 40-year mortgage. Sometimes better solutions exist. To find a solution, Mortgage House gives its loan specialists tools that crunch the numbers and take into account several factors. 

40-year Mortgages Conclusion

Most homeowners do not benefit from 40-year mortgages. That’s why they’re so rare. If you require small monthly repayments, Mortgage House can suggest other solutions. Contact our loan specialists to explore your potential loan terms.

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