28 Dec 2022

Diverse Products Designed for All Walks of Life

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What are the Benefits of Joining a Well-Known & Established Mortgage Company?

One of the benefits of joining a well-known and established mortgage company is having access to diverse products designed for all walks of life. Mortgage House offers a variety of diverse loan products that are catered to countless types of customers because all customers are different, including the following types of loans:

  • First-home buyer loans
  • Second-home buyer loans
  • Investor loans
  • Refinancer loans
  • Construction loans
  • Renovation loans
  • Relocation loans
  • Self-employed loans

Mortgage House offers various types of loan features that can allow customers to achieve homeownership sooner. In addition, branches can leverage our loan solution offerings to allow more customers to move from loan application to approval. 

Some of the loan solutions that Mortgage House offers are as follows:

  • Considerations for non-standard types of income
  • Solutions for customers with challenging financial histories
  • Borrowing considerations for niche investors
  • Catering to expats and non-residents working overseas, however, non-resident loans are subject to a case-by-case basis

When customers apply for our loan offerings, we ensure careful consideration of each application in order to provide the best solutions for their individual needs.

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