24 Oct 2021

Customers Can Upload Documents, Streamlining the Process

One of the biggest headaches of the home loan application process is making sure you submit all the required documentation along with your application, as well as making sure all the documents are completed correctly and are up-to-date. At Mortgage House, our online application system allows our customers to upload all the necessary documents, making the entire application process simple. 

There are many documents you have to submit with your home loan application. By uploading them through our portal, you save time and money. It also makes it easier for you to resubmit documents if they are not filled out correctly or are not current. Uploading your documents through our portal also makes it easier for our lending specialists and underwriters to analyse them in a timely manner, fast-tracking your mortgage application.

What Documents Do I Need to Submit?

Some of the documents you need to submit with your application include: 

  • Proof of identity: this includes a valid passport, driver’s license, birth certificate, or Medicare card.
  • Income information: this includes your last two payslips, tax return information, or a certified letter from your employer or accountant.
  • Expenses: this includes looking at your bank statements, investment income, rent, utility bills, etc. 
  • If you’ve already found a property, you will have to include the contract, title, and transfer title with your application. 

At Mortgage House, we want to make the home loan application process as simple as possible. We make it easy for our clients to upload the required documents while providing them with a checklist to make sure all the documents our specialists need are submitted. This easy upload of documents allows our specialists to fast-track your application, allowing you to receive loan approval faster than traditional paper applications. 

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