22 Oct 2021

Creative Consolidation Options

At Mortgage House, we pride ourselves on finding creatives ways to help our customers consolidate their debt. When you consolidate your debt you combine all of your loans, credit cards, and other debts into one. Instead of having many debts and bills with varying repayment dates, you just have one repayment date. This not only makes it easier to repay your debt on time because it’s now one monthly repayment, but it can also result in lower interest rates and lower monthly repayments. Lower interest rates save you money over time. 

When you choose us to help you consolidate your debt, we use a variety of innovative tools to help us find the best option for you. We start with our mortgage repayment calculator to accurately calculate the size of your new loan. We then go over your existing debts, while looking at the current interest rates and our selection of loan products. Once we find the perfect solution for your current financial situation, we review our calculations one more time before approaching you with a debt consolidation agreement. 

Some of our most common debt consolidation options include home loans and personal loans. But we also offer a variety of credit card balance transfers, home equity loans, and refinancing options. We also offer both interest-only loans and variable rate loans with fixed portions. 

What sets our debt consolidation options apart from those offered by other lenders is the combination of our innovative tools and our status as a non-bank lender. We can find creative solutions that other lenders cannot. If you are interested in learning more about how we can consolidate your debt, contact our lending specialists today. 

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