25 Feb 2021

Car Loan Calculator: Useful for Individuals and Professionals

Car Loan Calculator: Useful for Individuals and Professionals


Financing a car purchase requires an investment. Purchasing a car is less complicated than purchasing a home. The investment is significantly lower, too. Nonetheless, exploring a car loan calculator before signing on the dotted line is worthwhile.

Car Loan Calculator Components

Our car loan calculator consists of three components – the interest rate, loan amount and loan period. Put together, the calculator gives the total repayment amount. Then, the repayment amount is broken into monthly, weekly and fortnightly payments, if desired. The calculator allows you to see how the total loan amount changes based on different rates and loan periods. This is especially useful for those who know their pre-approved loan amount. If you try to pay off the loan sooner, for example, you can end up with savings.

If you need to borrow $30,000 for your purchase, expect a monthly payment of just under $600. This is based on an interest rate of 5.5% and a loan period of five years. If you opt for a loan period of four years instead, the monthly payment bumps up to almost $700.

A well-qualified applicant can often expect a favorable interest rate. An example is a car loan of $30,000 with a loan period of five years. With a rate of 3%, the monthly payment becomes $540.


Car Loan Calculator Usefulness

Any individual who incurs debt should understand the debt’s components. This makes the calculator useful. A car loan applicant knows the vehicle’s price, but do you know the cost to borrow those funds? One way to lower a loan’s cost is to provide a sizable down payment up front. 

Business clients who are in the market to purchase more than one vehicle benefit from the calculator’s output, too. Once you take a look at the amount you can expect to pay, there is negotiation leverage. You have information to negotiate a deal based on a volume purchase.  Business clients, including those who are self-employed, have additional financing options. Those options are Car Hire Lease and Novated Lease.


Car Loan Benefits

A car loan offers a convenient way to fund the purchase of a vehicle, especially when you do not have the entire amount at your disposal. It acts like a bridge. Individuals who have a mortgage and positive payment history have additional benefits. They can apply for the loan without filling out too much additional paperwork because a history already exists.

Some individuals can purchase a new car as a luxury item. Others need the car right away for commuting purposes or to run errands on a daily basis. A loan for a car provides an immediate infusion of cash. The dealer gets paid for the vehicle while the individual can drive away with the car that same day. 


Car Loan Calculator Conclusion

Our Mortgage House car loan calculator is readily available to use. Plus, our team can answer any questions you may have about a future vehicle purchase. We are equipped to help business customers, too.

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